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  • 09.04.2020

     Carr & Westley joins the band of volunteers working to assist with the NHS scrub shortage

    April 2020

    Here at Carr & Westley we are trying to do everything we can to help with the current pandemic. As well as calling round as many loyal customers as possible to offer a friendly voice at this difficult time, we have decided to put our factory to work and help fix the NHS scrub shortage.

    Carr & Westley’s Factory Helps Produce Scrubs For Local NHS Assessment Centre Drawing around the pattern & cutting the fabric 

    The factory here in Hadlow, Kent has been producing women’s clothing for over 100 years, but we have never made hospital scrubs. We accepted the challenge and started by finding a pattern online, so that we could cut our first batch.


    Carr & Westley’s Factory Helps Produce Scrubs For Local NHS Assessment Centre Carefully sewing the pieces together 

    We have used material that we have in stock, that would normally be used for ladies’ tops, trousers, dresses and skirts. We then created a couple of prototypes and started production, all within 24 hours! Meanwhile, we are open as usual and really appreciate your support at this time, in turn helping us assist the NHS and local community. You can do this by placing an order with us at or ringing 01732 850280.

    Carr & Westley’s Factory Helps Produce Scrubs For Local Practice The finished piece for the doctors & nurses of a local NHS Assessment Centre

    We currently have the ability to cut more than we can sew. Are you a skilled seamstress local to Tonbridge? If so, we would be happy to provide you with pre-cut bundles for you to finish at home. If you are interested please get in touch with us through our Facebook page








    This is just a little message to say a big THANK YOU to our customers, for all your kind words  & support at this difficult time.  

    Being a small family run business your support makes a big difference to our team, and is motivating us to stay strong and carry on!

    We love hearing your feedback! Please remember we are only a phone call away if you ever need to hear a friendly voice.

    Here are just some of the kind words we have received:


    "Many thanks for your very emotional and caring message. It is very hard for all at the moment but i am 85 and asthmatic so am what they call vulnerable. Sounds better than some names i have been called in the past. However, I really appreciate your attitude to customers at this very trying time for everyone, especially those in business.
    Thanks again, sincerely,"

    -Mrs C

    "Thank you for your kind message : much appreciated; though I hope not to need extra support myself. Best wishes,"

    -Mrs F

    "Thanks for you upbeat message. Very best wishes to you all. Long may you continue."

    -Mrs J

    "Thank you for your email. To you and your staff please take care, stay safe and well. One can only hope things improve sooner rather than later. Kind regards."

    -Miss C 

    "What a lovely letter at such a difficult time. I am one of the lucky ones. I live in a Convent where I have no worries. However we do have a care home with very vulnerable Sisters and as my sister is there and I go to see her every day, I am very much in lockdown. 
    Thank you again."

     -Mrs M

    "Dear All, Just to say a big thank you for all your updates during this difficult time, much appreciated. Hoping everyone stays safe and well Take care." Kindest regards.

    -Mrs B

    "Thank you for your encouraging messages. If we all take the measures we have been told to do, we will come through this. My best wishes to all"

    - Mrs M

    "What a lovely email from you, I really appreciate it. "

    -Mrs S




    As the current Coronavirus situation continues to unfold, it is affecting each of us in different ways and is likely to continue to do so over the coming weeks and months. Our thoughts go out to anyone who has been directly affected.
    As a business, we continue to monitor the situation, keeping the health and wellbeing of our customers, staff and wider community a priority. Our online shop ( & order lines (01732 850280) are operating as normal. We also understand that you might not be able to access your local Post Office as you usually would, so we have introduced a flexible returns policy. To make things easier and safer for you, we are pleased to offer the following:

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  • Poppy 2020

    The New & Improved Poppy Range

    Want to feel comfortable and look stylish? Then Poppy is the brand for you! 

    This season, the Poppy collection centers around delicate pastel shades, a sense of freedom with a touch of the summer breeze as the new Poppy collection takes inspiration from the Kentish countryside. Enjoy a selection of pretty floral prints, lightweight fabrics and coordinating sets.

    If you’re already a Poppy fan, you’re in for a real treat this Spring. Or, if you haven’t yet tried this brand, what are you waiting for? Try something different! The NEW Poppy collection offers something for everyone. Be on-trend with our Matching Sets, including a Top, Skirt, and Cardigan. This year the Poppy range is bigger than ever, meaning so much more to mix and match with! Each set will brighten up your day, here are a few we know you're going to love! 

    The Meadow Meadow Polo Top, Model JP281 £30. Edge To Edge Cardigan, Model JP276 £30. Plain Jersey Skirt, Model JP277 £40
    The Geometric Ruched Neck T-Shirt, Model JP152 £24. Geometric Print Top, Model JP284 £30. Geometric Print Skirt, Model JP285 £40.

    These are just two of the sets Poppy has to offer, head to our website and check out the rest of this seasons Poppy sets.

    Try the new and improved Poly-cotton fabric for yourself… complete satisfaction or your money back!
  • Welcome To Spring

    Welcome To Spring

    SS / 2020

    Welcome to the Carr & Westley’s brand new Spring Collection. We are looking forward to a fantastic year ahead and we have got lots of exciting new designs that we can’t wait to show you! This season our range is packed full of stylish prints to brighten up your wardrobe. Here are some of our favorite printed items...


    The Carr & Westley Swirl Top 

    Carr & Westley Swirl Top Carr & Westley Swirl Top

    The Poppy Florentina Skirt 

    Poppy Florentina Skirt

    The Lebek Savannah Top

    The Lebek Savannah Top Lebek Savannah Top

    The Poppy Meadow Dress

    The Poppy Meadow Dress The Poppy Meadow Dress

    We love to hear your feedback! Comment below and let us know what your favorite print from the collection is...

  • Poppy 2020

    A New Poppy Collection Is Coming To You - Spring 2020

    Poppy is back! Poppy has become a customer favourite thanks to their famous soft jersey material and easy-care garments. We apologise that you’ve not seen as much Poppy as you would like recently but our team have been working hard behind the scenes developing brand NEW designs with the same Poppy comfort. But what is it that makes the new Poppy so special? 

    Pollycotton Properties Polycotton Properties


    The Fabric

    Poppy products are known for their comfort and ease of care. This is because most of the products are made with a blend called polycotton – a lightweight fabric, which combines the durable and easy-care properties of polyester with the soft and moisture-absorbing properties of cotton. Blending these two fabrics together creates 4 benefits that we know you're going to love:

    • Long Lasting: Wear and wash polycotton fabric more often without worrying about the material losing its shape or colour, meaning these will last longer than 100% cotton or polyester products.


    • Wrinkle Resistant  : Polycotton’s wrinkle-free characteristics mean it doesn’t really need to be ironed as much as your other garments. 


    • Breathability: The breathable properties of cotton leaves you feeling light & fresh throughout the warmer months. 


    • Comfort: Cotton’s lightweight and cool characteristics make the fabric ultimately perfect for all-day comfort.


    Some could even say that Pollycotton is better for our planet.  This fabric washes & wears so well, you won't need to replace your garments as much, meaning less waste! It is also a quick-drying material so less energy is being used when drying your Poppy clothing.


    Pattern & Colour

    Poppy collections are always full of colour and stylish patterns. This year our collection has taken inspiration from the British countryside, wildflower meadows and beautiful green landscapes. 

    Expect to find dusty pinks, blue hues and grassy greens. Complemented by a range of dreamy floral prints that will have you feeling stylish this spring. 


    Poppy brings you coordinating tops and skirts, mix and match colours and styles, with tops for every occasion to match a variety of six-panel A-line skirts. Why not try a satin trim neckline for a special occasion or a relaxed polo neck perfect for everyday wear.



    New Poppy Logo New Poppy Logo

    Introducing our new and improved Logo

    Look out for the Poppy logo in our spring catalogue. When you see a little Poppy next to an item you will know its a product from the NEW Poppy collection.

    Timeless pieces, classic silhouettes, pretty patterns and soft fabrics





  • Autumn 2019 Collection Out Now!

    Welcome to the Carr & Westley Autumn 2019 collection. This new catalogue is brimming with gorgeous outfit ideas for the season ahead featuring brands that are famous for quality and comfort.

    Many of the fabric designs featured are limited-edition prints & patterns, making them true originals. With a wide range of sizes and a choice of up to five lengths, our garments cater for every shape and size.

    We are extremely excited about this season - offering what we believe to be our best collection ever! As well as being delighted with the garments we have developed ourselves, we believe our chosen suppliers have outdone themselves with some of their best styles yet - check out what Poppy, Betsy, Lebek & Marble have in store for you. A few reasons to shop the Autumn range:

    Rated 5 Stars: We are rated 5/5 on independent review site Trustpilot.
    Extra Mile Guarantee: Complete satisfaction or your money back.
    Buy British: Products manufactured in the UK in up to 5 lengths.

    As always, if you have any questions please ring our super friendly customer service team, based in Kent, who will always help with a smile!


  • As we celebrate our centenary...

    An Uncompromising Commitment To Quality Since 1919

    Carr & Westley collections are famous for quality and comfort. Since 1919, we have helped the women of Britain look their best with outfits for every occasion and an enduring commitment to timeless style and value.

    British Design & Manufacture

    Our Carr & Westley products are designed and made at Bourne Mill in Hadlow, Kent. This allows us to keep close control over our quality standards, which continue to be at the forefront of our brand. C&W standards exist because we are passionate and committed to delivering the styles our customers value. All of our staff live in the local area and share the same passion for quality.

    Sustainable Fashion

    We are relentless in our aim to improve things for the better. By manufacturing in the UK we can develop high quality and innovative products that are only available at C&W, without having a detrimental impact on the environment. We believe in value and this is reflected in our focus on ‘price per wear’. Our garments are designed to last while maintaining their shape and colour for years to come.

    Here’s To The Future

    As we celebrate our centenary, we look brightly into the future with our loyal customers. The comprehensive refurbishment of our factory is almost complete, providing us with the perfect space to continue offering superior ladies wear.

    CW-100 years
  • Thank you for your Carr & Westley order.

    Have you ordered a Carr & Westley item made in our factory? If can expect to find a signed note in with your order from the factory team to guarantee quality and British manufacture.

    Carr & Westley - Thank you for your order. Carr & Westley - Thank you for your order.

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