A New Poppy Collection Is Coming To You - Spring 2020

Poppy is back! Poppy has become a customer favourite thanks to their famous soft jersey material and easy-care garments. We apologise that you’ve not seen as much Poppy as you would like recently but our team have been working hard behind the scenes developing brand NEW designs with the same Poppy comfort. But what is it that makes the new Poppy so special? 

Pollycotton Properties


The Fabric

Poppy products are known for their comfort and ease of care. This is because most of the products are made with a blend called polycotton – a lightweight fabric, which combines the durable and easy-care properties of polyester with the soft and moisture-absorbing properties of cotton. Blending these two fabrics together creates 4 benefits that we know you're going to love:

  • Long Lasting: Wear and wash polycotton fabric more often without worrying about the material losing its shape or colour, meaning these will last longer than 100% cotton or polyester products.


  • Wrinkle Resistant  : Polycotton’s wrinkle-free characteristics mean it doesn’t really need to be ironed as much as your other garments. 


  • Breathability: The breathable properties of cotton leaves you feeling light & fresh throughout the warmer months. 


  • Comfort: Cotton’s lightweight and cool characteristics make the fabric ultimately perfect for all-day comfort.


Some could even say that Pollycotton is better for our planet.  This fabric washes & wears so well, you won't need to replace your garments as much, meaning less waste! It is also a quick-drying material so less energy is being used when drying your Poppy clothing.


Pattern & Colour

Poppy collections are always full of colour and stylish patterns. This year our collection has taken inspiration from the British countryside, wildflower meadows and beautiful green landscapes. 

Expect to find dusty pinks, blue hues and grassy greens. Complemented by a range of dreamy floral prints that will have you feeling stylish this spring. 


Poppy brings you coordinating tops and skirts, mix and match colours and styles, with tops for every occasion to match a variety of six-panel A-line skirts. Why not try a satin trim neckline for a special occasion or a relaxed polo neck perfect for everyday wear.



New Poppy Logo

Introducing our new and improved Logo

Look out for the Poppy logo in our spring catalogue. When you see a little Poppy next to an item you will know its a product from the NEW Poppy collection.

Timeless pieces, classic silhouettes, pretty patterns and soft fabrics