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A Bed Jacket Is For Life..

Bed Jacket

Whilst nightgowns and housecoats remain as popular as ever, the humble bed jacket has rather fallen from favour in the past few years. Resigned to hospital stays and gifts, it found itself towards the lower end of Carr and Westley’s selling popularity lists.

It has, however, made a comeback in recent times mainly thanks to its usefulness and exposure to wider audiences.

The bed jacket, a woman’s garment, is a waist-length robe, worn to cover the chest, shoulders and arms whilst sitting up in bed. It’s short length and cape-like cut allows it to be put on (or removed) whilst still in bed. Often made of sheer or lacy fabric and displaying very feminine trimmings and details, it was often used more for seduction, rather than warmth or modesty. It was popularized in 1930s Hollywood films featuring glamorous settings and glamorous stars lounging languorously in their silken bedrooms. Ostrich feather tips, swan’s down, pleated tulle and shirred lace were just a few examples of the extravagant materials that could be used in creating these confections.

These garments are currently very popular with people who have been hospitalized or recommended bed rest. I was recently introduced to the wondrous garments when I gave birth to our son last February (warmth and modesty definitely on my mind more than seduction and Hollywood glamour!). Sitting up whilst feeding him at night, I found a dressing gown cumbersome and hot, yet it was too cold for lightweight nightwear. Arise the bed jacket! It was the perfect alternative.

The ribbon tie front bed jacket is my favourite because it looks pretty whether tied or open but their are a number of different styles to suit your preference. Some of the models are made from a thicker material than other and have long sleeves - it really depends what situations you want to use them for.

Carr & Westley offer a great range of bed jackets with new styles arriving every season. The company's aim is to become the nation's number one choice for bed jackets by offering the widest range possible. If there is a style or design that we don't yet offer, please let us know and we'll try our best to include it in our range.

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