Slenderella Bed JacketOur stock is currently arriving for our Autumn/Winter season and features our largest range of bed jackets yet! A perfect gift idea for your loved ones, the 'half-dressing gowns' only cover the top half of the wearer, but it's design offers you a bit more mobility, and more importantly, you can wear one in bed.  They are also popular for hospital visits and can make the stay a slightly more pleasant experience.

As the cold approaches and the nights draw in, a bed jacket can add that little bit of comfort & cosiness. Carr and Westley have been offering bed jackets via mail order & our website for over five years.  By purchasing via mail order or online you don’t need to brave the high street and can select from a wide range of designs and colours.  We deliver direct to your door and don't even charge for delivery!

So if you’re looking online for a bed jacket, or other nightwear products, then feel free to browse our nightwear range and come back regularly for special and clearance offers.