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Just thought I would pop back on to upload a blog post from our old website. Its about six months old, but its still good stuff! This article is good read for getting a great fit with your new bra, written by our very own work force. Thanks to Joyce, Sharon, Jacquie, Sue, Barbara, Judy and Anna for their contribution.

In the last few years there has been a bra fitting revolution.  No more measuring tapes and difficult trips to the high street bra fitters. Instead our experienced Carr and Westley staff are trained to help you find the perfect fit and comfort from your own home.

It is estimated that some 80% of ladies are wearing the wrong sized bra, leaving them in pain and providing little support. Carr and Westley’s corsetry range, including trusted brands such asTriumph, Sloggi, Vanity Fair, Bestform and Naturana, offer a huge selection of bra sizes allowing maximum chance of getting a good fit.

Comfort is the number one factor for bra fitting. We tailor our advice to your individual shape and size to allow for the best possible fit for you. We are experienced in supplying bras after mastectomy and are able to advise you with this. We know that if you are buying underwear for someone else, it is often tricky. We can help you to find the right size and assess whether or not you have found a good fit when trying the item on. We are very happy to exchange any unworn bra for a different size, so don’t hesitate.

Golden Rules of Getting a Great Fit

Throw away your measuring tape. Every lady’s chest is different and yet every measuring tape is the same! The traditional method of bra fitting simply does not work for everybody. Try the bra on and follow our instructions below…

1. Look at the size of a current bra that fits well and use that as a guide for ordering. When you try the bra on, do it up to the middle hook setting. If it fits on this setting then it will allow the bra to fit through minor changes in size, both up and down. Next, lean forward so that your breasts fall into the cup itself. This ensures that the bra cup is sitting correctly around the breast.
2. Look in a mirror. Is the strap firm enough around your rib cage? This is where the bra’s support comes from so it needs to be comfortable but FIRM! Run your fingers underneath the band. Can you fit two fingers comfortably underneath? If so, then this is a correct fit. Does the band lie in a straight line across your back? If it is riding up then you need to try a smaller chest size. You may find that by going down a chest size you need to up a cup size. This is because UK bras are made with the cup sizes in proportion to the back size (i.e. a C cup is not always the same, a 34C is smaller in the cup than a 40C)
3. If you are trying an underwired style then please ensure that the wires are touching your rib cage and not ‘floating’ or digging in to the breast tissue as this can be uncomfortable and cause damage.
4. Ensure that the breasts are enclosed in the cups and not spilling over the top. This will be more comfortable for the wearer and create a smooth line under clothing. There should be no puckering or creasing of the bra fabric. If there is then it may be worth trying a smaller cup size.
5. When removing the bra, some ‘imprint’ lines are normal and does not necessarily mean that the bra is too tight. Check where these lines are, however. If they are cutting in to the breast then the cup size is too small if the lines are not straight then the back size is too large.