Carr and Westley 1929 advert

While planning our new 2013 Spring range I decided to do a little research on the history of Carr and Westley. Thanks to the wonders of Google I found this little gem at Graces Guide. An original Carr and Westley advert from 1929. Carr & Westley were based in High Holborn, London at the time, yet to move to the countryside to escape the blitz. The advert features both a ladies and gentleman’s waterproof coat, with compelling copy that certainly worked on me.

Below is a transcript of the copy:

20' AMAZING "Greatest value" offer   

You would think it was real leather.

Why pay several guineas for a leather coat when, thanks to modern science, you can have the fine coat illustrated for 20s.?

These all the year round coats are ideal for driving, walking and all kinds of sport. Look and wear exactly like leather. You cannot tell the difference. Lined with a cosy camel shade fleecy lining, these coats will keep you warm and dry. Will withstand the heaviest downpour and survive any amount of hard wear. Will last for years and will retain its colour and waterproof qualities to the end.

Thoroughly waterproof.

Write now, enclosing 20s. for coat, while you have the advertisement in front of you, and the coat comes by return.

Gents Model, as illustrated, STOCK SIZES, Chest: 34 ins, 36 ins, 38insm 40ins, 42 ins. Give size over waistcoat. TAN colour only. Double-breasted with belt all round.

Ladies Model: STOCK SIZES, Lengths: 38 ins, 40 ins, 42 ins, 44 ins and 46ins, Shades: TAN, GREEN, LIDO, SAXE, WINE and RED. Collar, cuffs, pockets and belts piped contrasting colour.

Money refunded if not satisfied

Carr and Westley (1928) Ltd

(Dept H) 40, High Holborn, London, W.C.1

(A few doors west of chancery Lane Tube Station.)




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