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3. The Brands

  • Poppy 2020

    A New Poppy Collection Is Coming To You - Spring 2020

    Poppy is back! Poppy has become a customer favourite thanks to their famous soft jersey material and easy-care garments. We apologise that you’ve not seen as much Poppy as you would like recently but our team have been working hard behind the scenes developing brand NEW designs with the same Poppy comfort. But what is it that makes the new Poppy so special? 

    Pollycotton Properties Polycotton Properties


    The Fabric

    Poppy products are known for their comfort and ease of care. This is because most of the products are made with a blend called polycotton – a lightweight fabric, which combines the durable and easy-care properties of polyester with the soft and moisture-absorbing properties of cotton. Blending these two fabrics together creates 4 benefits that we know you're going to love:

    • Long Lasting: Wear and wash polycotton fabric more often without worrying about the material losing its shape or colour, meaning these will last longer than 100% cotton or polyester products.


    • Wrinkle Resistant  : Polycotton’s wrinkle-free characteristics mean it doesn’t really need to be ironed as much as your other garments. 


    • Breathability: The breathable properties of cotton leaves you feeling light & fresh throughout the warmer months. 


    • Comfort: Cotton’s lightweight and cool characteristics make the fabric ultimately perfect for all-day comfort.


    Some could even say that Pollycotton is better for our planet.  This fabric washes & wears so well, you won't need to replace your garments as much, meaning less waste! It is also a quick-drying material so less energy is being used when drying your Poppy clothing.


    Pattern & Colour

    Poppy collections are always full of colour and stylish patterns. This year our collection has taken inspiration from the British countryside, wildflower meadows and beautiful green landscapes. 

    Expect to find dusty pinks, blue hues and grassy greens. Complemented by a range of dreamy floral prints that will have you feeling stylish this spring. 


    Poppy brings you coordinating tops and skirts, mix and match colours and styles, with tops for every occasion to match a variety of six-panel A-line skirts. Why not try a satin trim neckline for a special occasion or a relaxed polo neck perfect for everyday wear.



    New Poppy Logo New Poppy Logo

    Introducing our new and improved Logo

    Look out for the Poppy logo in our spring catalogue. When you see a little Poppy next to an item you will know its a product from the NEW Poppy collection.

    Timeless pieces, classic silhouettes, pretty patterns and soft fabrics





  • Poppy Clothing - Now Exclusively Available At Carr & Westley

    Carr & Westley proud to announce that we are now officially the UK’s only supplier of Poppy clothing. Having worked with Poppy for many years, we are now delighted to offer their fantastic womenswear ranges exclusively to Carr & Westley customers.

    Poppy has become a customer-favourite thanks to their famous soft jersey and easy-wear designs. Their coordinating ranges of tops, skirts and knits are perfect for everyday wear and seasonal occasions.

    We are so excited about this year's collection, we feel it is their best yet! We have worked alongside Poppy's designers to produce styles and designs that we know you will love. Our NEW Spring 2017 Poppy favourites include:

    Poppy Step Neck Tee (JP77) - £23

    Step Neck Tee Step Neck Tee - A real customer favourite, this versatile, easy-to-wear, close-fitting rib jersey T-shirt features short sleeves, side splits and a distinctive jagged/step neckline. Mix & Match with Poppy coordinates or original Carr & Westley skirts and trousers. Available in 7 colour and 9 size options.

    Poppy Abstract Flower Print Skirt (JP255) - £42

    Abstract Flower Print Skirt Abstract Flower Print Skirt - This six panel, floral print skirt is made from the brand’s famous soft jersey and features an easy fit stretch waistband. Print coordinates with Abstract Print Floral Polo (JP254) and Sweetheart V Neck Top (JP258). Available in 3 lengths.

    Poppy Eden Dress (JP261) - £54

    Eden Dress Eden Dress - This stunning, three tone ethnic print jersey dress by Poppy features a sweetheart neckline and princess line shaping. Perfect for smart occasions, the dress works beautifully with Poppy jersey jackets and cardigans. Easy wear, over the head style with short sleeves. Available in 3 colour, 9 size and 2 dress length options.

    Poppy Ribbed Longline Cardigan (JP242) - £59

    Ribbed Longline Cardigan Ribbed Longline Cardigan - This luxurious, plain rib, edge to edge cardigan features a flattering drop shoulder and turn back labels with two useful pockets. Available in 3 colour and six size options.
  • The Slenderella Story

    The name ‘Brettles’ is well-known nationwide for socks, stockings, knitted goods and textiles but nowhere more than in its home town of Belper in the Derwent Valley of Derbyshire, where the business has grown and matured for over 200 years. From tiny beginnings in the early nineteenth century, it survived more than its fair share of difficulties to become a major employer and manufacturer. From Belper, its products went far and wide. The Brettles brand is still very much in evidence in Belper and many employees past and present can trace family connections and roles with the company back over several generations.


    The Slenderella Story:

    From humble home-spun beginnings in the East End of London in the 1920’s, Slenderella went on to acquire its own factory which was unfortunately destroyed by bombs in 1942 resulting in a move to Middlesex.  Two years later, as the demands of the 2nd World War increased, the factory was requisitioned by the Ministry of Aircraft Production.  The decision was then made to move to a larger production unit in South Shields, from where Slenderella became a recognised national brand.


    As with Brettles, there are fascinating connections to the Royal Family and other renowned celebrities.  Hollywood legends Elizabeth Taylor and Hedy Lamarr were known to have worn Slenderella’s products. Slenderella were delighted when Miss Taylor and the cast of the acclaimed film Little Women publicised their garments.  Further international acclaim followed when the company helped create the wardrobe for Miss Lamarr’s screen classic Samson and Delilah.

    In 1997 the Slenderella brand became available for acquisition and this was acquired and incorporated in November of the same year as Slenderella Wholesale Ltd.  The first wholesale premises were a small room at the ear of the Belper retail shop on Chapel Street.


    The first retail customer to place an order from the new firm was Edna Dale of Leek, and the first multiple order was placed by the Beatties group of Wolverhampton.   In the first year of trading the company received the Lingerie Buyer magazine award for the UK’s best classic nightwear collection, sponsored by Dupont.  For the next two years the brand achieved the runners-up trophy but again won the coveted crystal pyramid in 2001.  The company has also received industry and Chamber of Commerce awards.

    Due to the rapid growth of the company, Slenderella moved from Chapel Street to the old Co-Op bulding on King Street, Belper, allowing for warehouse space for 12,000 items of stock.  However, a further move was made to the former premises of another historic Belper business, Flanders Ltd.  Unfortunately the move meant the closure of the retail shop for a time, leaving many long standing customers disappointed.

    The company at first just leased and occupied the warehouse building in Queen Street creating some office space.  However the whole of the site was later purchased allowing for much needed further expansion.  By 2003 Slenderella was supplying over 700 customers in the UK.

    Walker Reid

    2003 was the recognised 200 year anniversary of the establishment of Brettles in Belper and a major celebration was held.  Over 300 friends, guests and former employees attended the event   with many historic artefacts and historic memorabilia being displayed at various venues in town.  Local girl Frankie Corbett won the “Miss Slenderella” competition and a booklet containing the condensed history of Brettles was created for the event.

    The warehouse, along with adjacent office block was finally purchased I 2007.  Staff and contractors joined together to get the building into shape as renovations and redecoration were needed. The next big step was in May 2008 when, by popular demand, the new Brettles Retail Shop was opened in Days Lane.

    To this day, Brettles product groups are still growing.  Export growth is continuing.  The quality and value offered will ensure that the Slenderella and Brettles brands trade successfully into the 21st century.

    Carr & Westley have sold Brettles products since the 1960s and have a growing range of Slenderella products. We are now also experiencing a new demand for Slenderella bed jackets and nightwear on the internet, taking the brand into the future.

  • What's The Key To Slenderella's Success

    Slenderella Logo

    To celebrate the launch of our Slenderella catalogue page, we thought we would give you a little insight into the company that has become a C&W customer favourite.  

    The Slenderella Story

    Towards the end of the last Century, the once booming textile industry of Middle England experienced decline. One region hit particularly hard was Derbyshire, which at the time was home to popular garment brands like Courtaulds, Blounts, Jaeger, Flanders and the Ewe Hosiery Company.

    During this time, another successful hoisery company from Belper, Derbyshire, was also in difficulty until one of it's employees stepped in to save the firm and other brand names.  Previously a salesman at Brettles, Gary Spendlove took over the company and acquired the brand name, Slenderella.

    Slenderella prides itself on the fact that it is a local business with principles. Slenderella is a local business with a global reach, supplying over 750 retailers in the British Isles but also supplying to retailers all-round the world.

    For me however, the key is that they employ local principles. Gary has said that his not so well kept secret is that they “combine high quality with value for money”, along with “running a tight ship where everyone on board knows which way to sail.’’

    Gary Spendlove is a typically unassuming, hard-working family man who knows his routes. Therefore when the name Brettle’s faded into the marketplace, Gary bought back the name and now it can be seen as a sub-brand under the Slenderella name, ‘‘I returned Brettles to where it always belonged,’’ says Gary.

    Gary is adamant that the Slenderella brand, although doing extremely well and looking set to expand, is not just a money making machine. “I’m proud to be Belper born and bred and I cherish the history of this place. I’m just delighted that the hosiery and textile trade lives on in Belper, proud that I’ve brought Brettles back home, and satisfied that I’m not only giving employment to local people but, in effect, keeping a great many people in work worldwide.”

    At Carr & Westley we share the same principles as Slenderella and are proud to offer their extensive range.

  • What a Triumph!

    125 years on, the business that started out with just six sewing machines and six employees has gone global, with 37,500 employees working in over 120 countries – and it is still in the hands of the families of its founders.

    Of course, the 1886 effort from the two was a primitive affair – a rigid wire cage that held the breasts in place, prosaically named the Bust Improver. The only concession to vanity was the addition of two bows tied onto each cup.

    Fast forward 125 years, and Triumph has changed. This month, Triumph International is to commemorate their long history tailoring the female form with a limited edition collection of vintage-inspired corsets, bras and knickers that celebrate the nipped-in waists and high-waisted styling of the past.

    But while the styling is all vintage, the comfort is as contemporary as it comes.

    The collection offers pieces that marry both the best-loved heritage styles for which Triumph is famed, coupled with the cutting edge fabrics and fit technology that makes today’s lingerie infinitely more comfortable than the whalebone garments of old.

    Read more:–whalebone-sight.html#ixzz1eAMWCiW1


    The Doreen Bra today

    The Doreen bra has kept true to their original intent - to provide comfort & support. As Womens lingerie became an important part of many ladies's lives, bra manufacturers started to put more emphasis on style over functionality. The Doreen bra has not changed much since it's inception in what makes it so popular?

    There is no mystery to the success, it simply comes down to comfort. With over 50 different parts, all optimized for the purpose of perfect fit and maximum support for your bosom, the Doreen bra is so comfortable that many women are instantly hooked.

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