In 2019, our family business celebrates its 100th Birthday. We feel extremely humbled to still be here after all this time - surviving and thriving through what history has thrown at us.

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We credit our longevity to...

British Design & Manufacture

Our branded products are designed and made at Bourne Mill in Hadlow, Kent. This allows us to keep close control over our brand and quality standards. We stay flexible and each season work towards delivering the styles our customers love.

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Our Local Staff

All of our workshop and office staff live in the surrounding area of Hadlow, Kent. The majority have grown up in the community, with Carr & Westley on their doorstep. C&W standards exist because they care. Our longest serving employee has been with us for 35 years. We’re immensely proud of them all.

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Our Customers

Most of all, we credit our success to our customers who have supported us through the years. Without you, we wouldn’t exist at all. So thank you all, and here’s
to an exciting future...

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