Carr & Website Online1. Wider Choice Of Products

One of the main advantages of shopping online with C&W is choice.  Through our website we can offer more products than we can fit into a seasonal catalogue.  Not only can you browse the products from the current catalogue but also all products left over from previous ones – many of which are available at discounted prices in our Clearance section.

2. Ability To See All Colour Ways

Through our website we are able to show all colour way options available for every product – something not easy to do with a 60 page catalogue!  You can easily browse colours and more accurately choose a product to suit.

3. See What Is In Stock

Sometimes, when you order from the C&W catalogue, you will only be told that a product is sold out when you are at the point of purchase.  This is the unfortunate nature of the mail order business and can be annoying (particularly if it is a product you really like!).  However, when you shop online, you can easily see what is, and what is not, in stock.  This helps avoid disappointment early on and if a product is sold out you can easily shop for an alternative with our recommendations.

4. Learn More About The C&W Story

We are a company steeped in history and tradition.  We try to promote our brand and values through our catalogues but it is not always easy.  With the web, and this blog, we can tell more. The C&W website is perfect for communicating and informing you about what we’ve been up to recently. Find out what makes us tick.  Provide feedback. But please be nice :)

5. Read/Add Customer Reviews

With this website you can read reviews for products that you are interested in that other customers have brought already. This can be a great way to find out about which products other people are buying and like so much that they want to recommend them.

6. Shop 24/7

When you order over the telephone you are only able do so between the hours of 9am and 5pm on weekdays.  These are the operating hours of our telephone staff.  However, with the C&W website, you can order any time of the day and on weekends.  It is a more relaxed and convenient way to shop.

7. Exclusive First Looks

We often list new products online first, before catalogues are sent out.  This means if you shop through our website you will be able to browse and buy brand new products before anyone else has the opportunity to see them.

8. Immediate Ordering

When you shop online we receive you order immediately which means your goods are shipped either that day or the next.  Like using the phone, this is much quicker than if you were to order via postal check.  You’ll receive a confirmation email and a reference number that you can quote if you want an update on the status of your order.

9. More To Come...

The beauty of the website is that we can add new features on a regular basis.  Over the coming months we have plans to introduce videos and multi-angle photos to our product pages.  This will greatly enhance the shopping experience.  We also plan to make the checkout process speedier and easier to use, as well as adding ever more products to the Clearance section.  If there is a particular feature that you wish to see added to our website please use the Contact Us form and we’ll be happy to consider it for inclusion on this site.