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Carr & Westley's 8 Sleep Tips

7 sleep tips

There are some great little tricks if your struggling to get your eight hours. Some of them work and some of them don’t. Some of the best sleep tips involve all natural techniques that you can do in your own home. Here are our top 7, not scientific, just years of practice.

1. Make sleep a priority. Try not to stay up till all hours of the morning when you know you must get up early. Do this enough times and then your body will no longer sleep when you want it to. You will have reset your internal alarm clock, which will only make you groggy and very cranky.

2.Start a sleep/bedtime ritual. Start getting ready for bed earlier in the evening. Unwind from the madness of the day at least 2 hours before bed. Start lowering noise and lighting, along with any other stimulants. Take a shower or bath or just wash your face. Now put on your pajamas, nightdress, nightgown, bed socks or bed jacket and get comfortable. Create a bedtime for yourself. Going to bed at the same time every night tells your body what time to go to sleep.

3.Create a restful place to sleep. No television in the bedroom. No clutter in the bedroom. Make your bedroom an oasis from the rest of the house. Make sure that you have a good quality mattress and foundation on your bed. It should be comfortable and support your spine.

4. Cut back on what you take in before bed. Avoid foods and try to cut back if you smoke.

5. Relax. Listen to music, soft, peaceful music to practice deep breathing to. Close your eyes and clear your mind. Some people swear by practicing meditation techniques at bed time as well as counting backward from 10,20, or even 30.  The belief is that your body comes to understand that you are ‘counting down’ to sleep and it begins to relax into the beginning stages of the sleep mode.

6. If you just cannot sleep, get up. Now this is a important one. If you are laying in bed staring at the ceiling then get up. Attempting to force yourself to sleep results in a horrid restless sleep.

7. Exercise. Now don’t exercise within 1-2 hours of bedtime, see point 4. Find some time during the day, even first thing in the morning, to exercise. It has been scientifically proven  that people who exercise have a better quality of sleep. Exercise helps to reduce stress levels and increase health, both of which help to create a more peaceful quality of sleep.

8.Finally, nightwear. This is where we can help, the right nightdress, PJs or bed jacket can keep you warm on the coldest nights or cool during stuffy summer nights. Take a look look out our range by clicking here.

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