Slenderella Logo

To celebrate the launch of our Slenderella catalogue page, we thought we would give you a little insight into the company that has become a C&W customer favourite.  

The Slenderella Story

Towards the end of the last Century, the once booming textile industry of Middle England experienced decline. One region hit particularly hard was Derbyshire, which at the time was home to popular garment brands like Courtaulds, Blounts, Jaeger, Flanders and the Ewe Hosiery Company.

During this time, another successful hoisery company from Belper, Derbyshire, was also in difficulty until one of it's employees stepped in to save the firm and other brand names.  Previously a salesman at Brettles, Gary Spendlove took over the company and acquired the brand name, Slenderella.

Slenderella prides itself on the fact that it is a local business with principles. Slenderella is a local business with a global reach, supplying over 750 retailers in the British Isles but also supplying to retailers all-round the world.

For me however, the key is that they employ local principles. Gary has said that his not so well kept secret is that they “combine high quality with value for money”, along with “running a tight ship where everyone on board knows which way to sail.’’

Gary Spendlove is a typically unassuming, hard-working family man who knows his routes. Therefore when the name Brettle’s faded into the marketplace, Gary bought back the name and now it can be seen as a sub-brand under the Slenderella name, ‘‘I returned Brettles to where it always belonged,’’ says Gary.

Gary is adamant that the Slenderella brand, although doing extremely well and looking set to expand, is not just a money making machine. “I’m proud to be Belper born and bred and I cherish the history of this place. I’m just delighted that the hosiery and textile trade lives on in Belper, proud that I’ve brought Brettles back home, and satisfied that I’m not only giving employment to local people but, in effect, keeping a great many people in work worldwide.”

At Carr & Westley we share the same principles as Slenderella and are proud to offer their extensive range.