It’s an exciting time at Carr & Westley. We are currently shooting the new range of clothing for the 2021 Spring catalogue.

We are busy bees down at the mill!  Bright lights, costume changes and copious amounts of coffee are on the agenda, but it’ll all be worth it! We can’t wait to share the end results with you. Our catalogue will be absolutely full of goodies, perfect for a (hopefully warm) spring! Currently the shoot is going well and we know that our loyal customers will love the new range.

We love our onsite studio! Located next to the mill, new products can come straight off the press and onto our lovely models. Onsite but perhaps more importantly warm on these ever increasingly cold winter days.

Lastly we have a little surprise for everyone in the brand new catalogue. It’s all very hush hush now, so unfortunately I can’t say anymore but we are all very excited and know you’ll love it!