125 years on, the business that started out with just six sewing machines and six employees has gone global, with 37,500 employees working in over 120 countries – and it is still in the hands of the families of its founders.

Of course, the 1886 effort from the two was a primitive affair – a rigid wire cage that held the breasts in place, prosaically named the Bust Improver. The only concession to vanity was the addition of two bows tied onto each cup.

Fast forward 125 years, and Triumph has changed. This month, Triumph International is to commemorate their long history tailoring the female form with a limited edition collection of vintage-inspired corsets, bras and knickers that celebrate the nipped-in waists and high-waisted styling of the past.

But while the styling is all vintage, the comfort is as contemporary as it comes.

The collection offers pieces that marry both the best-loved heritage styles for which Triumph is famed, coupled with the cutting edge fabrics and fit technology that makes today’s lingerie infinitely more comfortable than the whalebone garments of old.

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The Doreen Bra today

The Doreen bra has kept true to their original intent - to provide comfort & support. As Womens lingerie became an important part of many ladies's lives, bra manufacturers started to put more emphasis on style over functionality. The Doreen bra has not changed much since it's inception in 1967...so what makes it so popular?

There is no mystery to the success, it simply comes down to comfort. With over 50 different parts, all optimized for the purpose of perfect fit and maximum support for your bosom, the Doreen bra is so comfortable that many women are instantly hooked.