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A Reminder Of What True Quality Feels Like...

Do you remember what ‘true’ quality feels like? You know what we mean, the way clothing used to be.

Long lasting fabrics, perfect measurements, made with care...

In the era of fast fashion, many clothes designers do not prioritise ‘true quality’. For Carr & Westley, however, the commitment has never faltered. For inclusion in a new C&W collection, every garment has to deliver on three criteria - it must be made from the best fabric, shaped for a flattering fit and offer unique feminine style.

Fashion For Women Who Know Best

Located in the garden of England, Carr & Westley has been in womenswear since 1919. As well as supplying favourite classic brands like Poppy, Marble and Lebek, our team of locally employed seamstresses design and make original skirts, blouses, trousers and dresses for women of all shapes and sizes.

Because we believe 'fit' is synonymous with quality, we offer garments in multiple variations of size and length. You choose your preferred combination and our seamstresses will measure, cut and sew your garment to your specific order.

With this philosophy, our clothes not only look great but fit so comfortably. It is why our garments become customer favourites season after season.

That is the mark of true quality.

Our new Summer 2020 Collection is out now. Please browse our newest collection online or request a copy of our latest catalogue for a host of outfit ideas.

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Favourites From The New Trouser Collection