Benefits of a Bed Jacket

Add an extra layer of warmth to your winter wardrobe with our wide selection of Bed Jackets in different styles and colours by Slenderella, Betsy, Marsilka  and Marlon.


What are the benefits?

⦁ Designed to keep you cosy and warm in the winter months, made from high quality, super soft on the skin, fleeced material.
⦁ Ideal for wearing around the house or as an extra layer of comfort while sleeping, plus they are machine washable!
⦁ Buttoned-down designs for ease of fastening.
⦁ Warm to touch, easy care and lightweight styles.
⦁ Makes a perfect gift for a loved one.

What can you pair a Bed Jacket with?

Pair with your favourite Slenderella/Betsy pyjamas or a nightdress, and to make sure you're kept warm from head to toe.. choose from a range of different colours in our supersoft bedsocks.