About Carr & Westley

Established in 1919, Carr and Westley Ltd has a rich heritage in design and manufacturing. We have been clothing the women of Britain for over 100 hundred years. Thoughtfully designed for fit, style and comfort.  

Since our inception, we have been on quite a journey. We started in a small workshop in Central London in 1919, where we found a niche manufacturing smart daywear garments like occasion dresses and faux leather jackets for the city's movers and shakers.

Bourne Mill, Hadlow
A Place To Call Home

Our reputation as a quality fashion designer steadily grew before hitting hard times upon the outbreak of WW2. When our workshop fell victim to the Blitz, we temporarily relocated to St Ives, Cornwall, to see out the conflict and help the war effort.

With victory in Europe secured, it was time to move back closer to home and re-establish links with suppliers and customers in the capital. With suitable properties in London now harder to come by, we elected to settle in the Kentish countryside instead - renovating an old 11th Century watermill as our new workshop.

Clothing thoughtfully designed for fit, style and comfort.

Upon moving in, the original milling machinery had to be relocated to make room for sewing machines, cutting tables and stock storage. Local girls were recruited and trained as seamstresses - a tradition we retain to this day with workshop staff and customer service representatives employed from the local community.

Whilst trends and fashions have changed over the years, our core philosophy hasn't. We adopt an approach of 'considered design'. This means supplying garments that fit, feel and look great in equal measure. Our experience means we know exactly where clothes need to offer room (or take it away), the sensitive areas to account for and how to style items to flatter the natural female figure.

Enduring Values

And while we now supply other popular classic brand labels such as Poppy, Lebek and Marble, our values have always centred around great fit. If a garment doesn't fit comfortably whilst simultaneously looking great, we won't stock it. So you know you'll always find something you can wear with confidence.

Family-owned and run since 1955, all Carr & Westley label skirts, trousers and dresses are still designed and made on site from Bourne Mill in Hadlow, Kent. We are supported by an amazing team of locally-employed staff, many of whose own family histories intertwine deeply with our own.