C&W support MND Association throughout 2023

We want to start this year thinking of others and doing what we can to help 
make a difference. This year we have chosen to support the charity MND Association in the help to support research into finding a cure.
What is MND?
Motor Neuron disease, known as MND is when messages from the motor neurons gradually stop reaching the muscles. This leads the muscles to weaken, stiffen and waste, which can affect how you walk, talk, eat, drink and breathe. Some people also get changes to their thinking and behavior, but the disease affects everyone differently. Not all symptoms will affect everyone, or in the same order. Symptoms also progress at varying speeds, which makes the course of the disease difficult to predict.
MND is life-shortening and there is no cure. Although the disease will progress, symptoms can be managed to help achieve the best possible quality of life.
What can we do to help?
Here at Carr and Westley we are making it our mission to support the fundraising of the MND Association throughout 2023 by taking part in our own charity events to fund the research into helping people living with the disease.