Embrace comfort with Poppy's super soft interlock fabric

Poppy, with a rich Welsh heritage spanning over 30 years, has solidified its reputation as a customer favourite, celebrated for its timeless designs and high quality garments. The brand has gained widespread acclaim, particularly for its super soft interlock and rib tops, luxurious knitwear and print skirts.

Ruched Neck Top - Square Neck Top


An outstanding characteristic of Poppy’s collection lies in its exquisite jersey interlock material. Meticulously crafted from a mix of polyester and cotton, this fabric not only offers a luxurious soft touch but also exhibits remarkable resilience that endures over time. What distinguishes Poppy is its fabric's remarkable capacity to maintain its softness and overall excellence, guaranteeing that every piece emerges from each wash appearing and feeling as immaculate as its initial wear.


 Step Neck Dress

The versatility of Poppy's basics makes them key wardrobe essentials that seamlessly integrate with the rest of your wardrobe. The ability to mix and match with various outfits provides versatile pieces that cater to diverse styles and preferences. Browse Poppy's collection today.