Washable Merino Wool By Poppy

Merino wool is a game changer to your wardrobe offering a great all-round style you can wear everyday. Our Merino wool garments made exclusively to Poppy provide exceptional comfort and protection in the outdoors. Its natural fibres transports moisture and has anti static properties ensuring comfort, durability and quality.

Why is Merino so special?

Our Merino is super-fine and soft; it doesn’t itch, smell or crease; it is lightweight and keeps its shape. The natural bends in its fibres trap air, insulating you. When your temperature increases, its breathable properties help to keep you feeling fresh. Merino can absorb up to 30% of it’s own volume in moisture, ensuring you remain dry and warm in the winter months. It has a scale like structure that retains warm air in its fibres.

Already sold on Merino wool?

It gets better. Its naturally antibacterial meaning it can be worn a long time without washing. Requiring less washing than cotton or synthetics! Our Merino range is now machine washable at 30 degrees. So now you can enjoy the luxury of this natural fibre without having to hand wash.