Winceyette PyjamasWinceyette is a term many are familiar with. But how many of you actually know what it means. It often pops in clothing product descriptions, so let’s enlighten you...

Traditionally, winceyette is a cotton fabric made from a twill weave. Its design is similar to that of flannel, only it is a slightly thinner material that does not share the same heavy texture. Winceyette’s light, yet warm and breathable design, has made it a popular fabric for nightwear.

Its brush surface has a distinctive raised texture known as napped flannelette, on one or both sides. For those familiar with weaving, the weft is closer than the warp. The napped cotton is dry finished by raising fibres on the surface to produce a ‘fuzzy’ feel and appearance. It is this ‘fuzziness’ that retains the warmth and the napped appearance that makes it instantly recognisable.

It is not clear exactly when Winceyette nightwear first became popular although there are references to its use during the Second World War. Flannel fabric itself was first developed in Wales in the 17th Century, where weavers discovered that by adding the ‘nap’, they created an uncommonly soft fabric that kept warmth in better despite its lighter weight.

The traditional Winceyette night garment is long sleeved, long in length and of a simple design for maximum warmth and comfort. Its style has become popular in nightwear because it has the ability to absorb and then release perspiration – helping to avoid waking up in a pool of sweat!

The fabric design used in Winceyette nightwear is so versatile, it is no longer associated with something only older generations would wear. There are numerous colour and pattern variations to suit all tastes, including the popular, traditional tartan. Nowadays, many youngsters even wear these designs during the day! Indeed, flannel itself has enjoyed a renaissance in recent times, having been a favourite of US truck drivers and people in the music industry.

Winceyette nightwear has always been a good product for Carr & Westley. We have been trading for 94 years and still to this day offer a selection of winceyette products. You can find a range of our winceyette nightdresses and winceyette pyjamas in our nightwear section.

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